IELTS general practice tests are available for Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening modules. Relevant tasks include examples for you to complete.  Modules include lesson notes, sample answers and sample responses, as well as analysis and feedback tools. 

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ILETS Practice Writing Test

Each ILETS practice writing test has two tasks. Use the POWER analysis tool provided here to maximise your response as you complete this work. Academic Task 1 is a transfer of facts from a diagram or chart to written text. Task 2 is an essay, in which you present an argument on a given topic or satisfy other task requirements.

To increase your chance of success, work through each set. There are five Task 1 examples and three Task 2 examples.  


IELTS Practice Speaking Test

The ILETS practice speaking test is a face-to-face, one-to-one recorded interview with an examiner. It can take from between 11 to 14 minutes, and has 3 distinct parts. This practice test effectively guides you through each part of the test.

Practice exercises that focus on the assessment criteria are also supplied, plus lesson notes. The Speaking files are in MP3 format. 

Reading practice

IELTS Practice Reading Test

The IELTS reading practice test has three reading passages and 40 questions.  Work through the extensive examples of question types first, before doing the practice test.

Aim to develop effective reading strategies and to successfully identify the reading skills you need. An answer sheet for your use, a feedback sheet and correct answers are also supplied. 

Listening practice

IELTS Practice Listening Test

The IELTS practice listening test has four sections and 40 questions.  Assess your level of skill and comprehension with the practice test. Pay attention to details, understand main ideas, know the opinion of the speaker.

Listening files are in MP3 format. An audio script is provided. 


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