"Immediate Improvement.”

During the first session with Heather she pointed out the areas that I needed to improve in, straight away. With her experience as a current senior IELTS Tutor, I only took a few sessions before I finally got 7 for each of the four parts of IELTS. She always inspires me to think outside of the box, and I really enjoyed the course.

I used to be one of the many international students struggling to get 7 in order to apply for permanent residency. Before I met Heather, I took quite a few tests but all ended with 6.5 for either Writing or Speaking. I had tried lots of different ways to improve my score, but until I met Heather, none of them worked.

 Ann Zhou - Russia China

Heather is the greatest IELTS teacher in Australia.

I was preparing for IELTS by myself for half a year, but my Writing score was stuck at 6.5 and Speaking at 7.5. My goal was four 7s first, then four 8s for my permanent resident application.

Some of the opinions and suggestions from IELTS preparation classes and tutors contradict each other. Websites claim that there should only be four paragraphs in any essay, other tutors say "use as many rare lexi as possible". With this advice I made no improvement, but that all changed when I met Heather.

I achieved my 7s first, then four 8's and permanent residency. 

Jeremy Song - Korea China

“Makes English fun to learn.”

As an international student, I was struggling with improving my English and passing the English test to get Permanent Residency. I took a few courses with Heather and she is the best English tutor I have ever met. Unlike other tutors, Heather makes English fun to learn, and I always learn more than just English from the course. I have made huge improvements after the course and not only got my permanent residency, but also found a full-time job in a local company. I am so grateful for Heather’s help and will definitely recommend her to all my friends. 

 Jim Jiang - China


Thank you so much for your fantastic lesson. It was very helpful, and fun.  I look forward to joining your lesson again next weekend. 

I have discovered that feedback and using the right material is very important. Otherwise, the effort will be in vain because it is not on the right track. 

Ai Kojima - Japan

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